An Ethnographic Analysis of Current Practices

Digital evidence can help establish when events occurred, where victims and suspects were and with whom they communicated. As the volume of cases requiring digital forensic analysis and the amount of information to be processed in each case have risen rapidly in recent years, law enforcement agencies have been struggling to meet demand.

This ESRC-funded project (Sep­­tem­­ber 2018–​August 2022) ex­­am­­ines the or­­gan­­i­­sa­­tion­­al re­sources, op­­er­­a­­tion­­al de­­mands and pro­­fes­­sion­al va­­lues that cir­­cum­­scribe the ap­p­li­­ca­­tion of dig­­i­­tal foren­­sics in po­­lice in­­ves­­ti­­ga­­tions in Eng­­land and Wales.